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Heindl Funeral Home - Philips & Prentice, WI
Our North Star

Providing funeral services is a privilege.

It is our responsibility to exceed every expectation.  So, we live by directives like,


When in doubt, do more.

"Good enough" are embarrassing words.

To what lengths would you go if she was your mother or your child?


We help families express love, respect and gratitude for their person.

We give best friends a chance to say goodbye.


It's not all celebration, but it's not all sadness either.  It's both, just like life.

A meaningful funeral is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not to be missed.


An old man and a young woman, both who worked here, but 20 years apart,

summed it up the same:

"You have to love the families if you are going to do this right".


On behalf of all of our staff...

We do this right.

Heindl Funeral Home - Philips & Prentice, WI

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