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With Cremation, Your Choices of Remembrance Gatherings and Memorialization are Unlimited

A gathering with the loved one's body present facilitates mourning.  Mourning is nature's way of dissipating grief.  We humans, after millennia of saying, "Goodbye", have never come up with anything more moving and cathartic. For those who companioned a loved one through sickness or injury, this type of service can be additionally beneficial, as they are provided a more comforting memory picture to carry forward.

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A gathering with the urn, containing a loved one's cremated remains, can be very meaningful.  Through the use of photographs, video, story sharing, music and memory tables,  family and visitors' relationship and feelings are validated and affirmed.

Possibly a private gathering at your home, cabin, a stadium or beach is the right place to say, "Goodbye".  We can suggest many unique ways to make a formal or very informal service at such locations memorable.

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Memorialization can be as simple as a carving on a tree, deep in the forest, or on a stone at the top of a mountain.   Memorialization can be a perfectly created monument in a cemetery.  It is worth noting that cemeteries offer a permanence that few private places can.  Memorialization can be of benefit to mankind, such as gifts to charities and other important causes. It can be a book, easily created about your love's life.  


Memorialization can be all these things and more.

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Your choices are anything but limited when choosing cremation.  After considering all of the options, all that really matters is - what feels right to you?

Below are the most often asked questions regarding the actual cremation process. Included in our responses are the services and extra care we are proud to offer.


Through the process of cremation, much of an individual is returned to the universe in the form of energy.  The bone fragments that remain are the cremated remains. Crematories can take extreme care in recovering cremated remains before performing the next cremation, but it is impossible to keep microscopic co-mingling from occurring.  At our, Gentle Care Crematory, we do take extreme care.   

After a cremation, instead of relying on rudimentary methods, we employ a unique recovery system to ensure dust-size particles are removed from the cremator.  Co-mingling is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum.

If you have other questions, please call or request a tour of our facility!
We will be proud to show you our Gentle Care Crematory.

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