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Planning Ahead

Gentle Care is Our Cornerstone

Thousands of people have planned ahead with Willig Funeral Home & Crematory. Why is planning ahead important to so many people?

People have shared with us many reasons for their decision.  Below are just a few:

• A gentleman said that his children refused to discuss it.  He loved them, knew their personalities and the conflicts that would probably arise.  He was going to make sure his arrangements wouldn't be a source of disagreement for his family.

• An elderly couple told us that for the last 52 years they decided everything
  together.  Certainly, they weren't going to leave funeral arrangements for one of them to do alone.

• A single woman, proud of her independence, viewed arrangements as just 
  another personal responsibility that she would take care of.

• A young woman, fighting cancer, shared that she was not going to let the disease determine her last goodbye to family and friends.  She would ensure her remembrance gathering would reflect the love and beauty that she was blessed with in her life.

Financial considerations:

Whatever leads you to consider planning ahead, please know there are no additional costs to this wise decision.  And, while you may choose to fund a funeral or cremation plan in advance, there is no obligation to do so.

Those who do choose to fund arrangements make certain that no one else will ever have to pay for their cremation or burial services, even if a lengthy nursing home stay is involved.
That is an incredible financial benefit, considering most assets—insurance, savings, and property—are at risk from such a nursing home stay.