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Pet Services

Gentle Care is Our Cornerstone



While there are human crematories in McKeesport, there are no pet crematories.  Therefore, local funeral homes provide shelter and transportation to a pet crematory.  We have created a warm and comfortable room for you to say a final goodbye to your beloved pet, in case you just left a clinical setting.

As we provide pet cremation as a compassionate service to families, costs are often lower than traveling to a pet crematory. 

We also offer pet urns, jewelry, paw impressions and locks of fur.




Not all of us live on a farm or have acres or property to consider burying a pet, but we are fortunate to have pet cemeteries located in the Pittsburgh area.  We offer caskets for the burial and monuments to mark the grave.  The monuments can even be personalized with a photo, favorite toy, or any other number of items.  Please contact us to see how we can assist you in coordinating a burial or designing a grave marker.