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A Remembrance Gathering

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Remembrance Gathering (visitation, funeral or memorial service)

Designing Funeral ServiceWhether it's traditional or non-traditional, a remembrance gathering provides family and friends the opportunity to express feelings and receive support from one another. A remembrance gathering can take place in any setting - at our facility, in your home or outdoors. There are endless possibilities for what a remembrance gathering can be, and we will help you personalize and incorporate any specific requests into your special gathering.
Our staff is experienced in accommodating the needs of all beliefs, faiths, lifestyles, and relationships.  With your direction, we can help you create the perfect way to honor your loved one.

Attending a remembrance gathering is a cathartic experience.

It is understandable why some people's first reaction is to get through the funeral process as quickly as possible.  They believe that by not having any services, they will protect themselves and members of their family from more pain.  It is important to remember that a gathering facilitates healthy mourning.  Mourning is nature's way to dissipate grief.  When you choose to bypass the opportunity to mourn, you can get stuck in the early stages of grief without a way to move forward.