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Burial & Cremation Services

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Funerals and Burial

Was faith the foundation of your loved one's life? The funeral must be based on their religious belief. Did faith play little or no part whatsoever in your loved one's life? Instead, was it your loved one's specialness that the world is now so much the less without? The funeral must in every way express that specialness, and we have many ways to help you do just that.Is your family private? A public funeral would be intrusive and inappropriate. We have better choices for your family.
Was your loved one proud of their military service or personal and professional life accomplishments? Then we will help you convey the honor of military service or pride of their life's achievements. Finally, just as life is a great kaleidoscope of events and emotions, we can blend every aspect of the above circumstances into one memorable and moving funeral.

Memorial Services and Cremation

May we share something extremely important before we talk about tailoring cremation to your wishes? Pennsylvania law is clear - If you do not authorize your own cremation, your closest survivors must allauthorize your cremation. Are your children your closest relatives? Each and every child must sign. Or, are your closest relatives siblings? Each and every one of them must sign. If not, you cannot be cremated, according to Pennsylvania law. If it would be difficult for each of your closest relatives to provide written authorization within a very limited time period, than please contact us now. With your single signature on file, your wish for cremation would be fulfilled.

Now, about your cremation choices - you imagine it and we’ll do everything possible to create that service. Here are some wishes we’ve made come true:

• Ashes scattered beside a favorite and secret fishing hole on Maple Creek in Pennsylvania.

• Ashes returned to the mountains of Alaska and Colorado, and a golf course at Myrtle Beach.

• We've created private remembrance services at meaningful places—homes, beaches, and hunting cabins, attended by family and the closest of friends.

• We've created public remembrance services at churches, public venues and at our funeral home, complete with a beautiful urn, photographs, video, friends and family speaking, piano, guitar, harp, and bagpipes playing, awards, hobbies, and meaningful mementos proudly displayed, and with an array of military complements in attendance.


A special note: feelings arising from a loved one's death surprise survivors, and often there is a strong desire to say goodbye in the presence of their loved one, before cremation takes place. If so, then it may be done at home, at a hospital, privately at our funeral home, or by receiving family and friends at our funeral home.

To summarize: WE LISTEN. Over the years, we've fulfilled every meaningful and wonderful request. Just tell us what is important and that's exactly what we will do.

If we may help with hospice care, lodging for out-of-town family and guests or provide you with information on restaurants or catering, just phone 412-664-9178 or email


When an extra degree of knowledge and experience, restorative capability and understanding are required:


Has your family member been a victim of a violent crime? This unthinkable tragedy is all too commonplace, and we have considerable experience coordinating with Victims of Violent Crimes Compensation Program. We will serve as your liaison with this governmental resource. Is your loved one an active military service member? Have they given the ultimate sacrifice for our country? Please allow us to oversee their return home. We will procure, coordinate and bestow the many honors they so nobly earned.


Our U.S.A. Veterans fought and won the freedom we enjoy today. More benefits are available now than ever before. We will obtain every veteran benefit available for your loved one. For families with limited resources, please know we are a welfare provider and welcome your patronage.